BBP workshop "The biocide legislation and its impact on contained laboratories, greenhouses and animal facilities"

9 February 2018 - 13:00
Geo-Instituut 200E, Celestijnenlaan 200e – Heverlee (Leuven)

Are you finding your way in the biocide legislation? Or are you struggling, as many colleagues, with questions like:

  • Can I still use particular products (e.g. Virkon®) and, if so, for how long?
  • If not, what are suitable alternative products?
  • Do we need to change our decontamination procedures?  
  • What are the consequences of the biocide legislation on my organization?

We hope to offer clarity during the BBP workshop 

The workshop aims to include presentations and panel discussions on decontamination in the scope of contained use, the biocide legislation, as well as producers’ and users’ perspectives on the biocide legislation and disinfectants.

13:00 Welcome (BBP President)
13:15 Decontamination in the scope of contained use (K van der Meulen, Perseus)
13.45 Introduction to the biocide legislation and possible issues from a users’ perspective (R Vermeulen, Arcadis)
14.30 Closed circuit products (A. Qadari, FOD/SPF – Service Biocides)
14.50 Coffee
15.15 Biocide legislation and disinfectants, a producers’ perspective (N. Coltel, Huckert's International)
15.45 Panel discussion including the various parties involved in and/or affected by the biocide legislation (e.g. users, BBP, Service Biocides, suppliers / producers)
16.45 Conclusions and closure (BBP president)

This workshop is free for members of BBP and EBSA. 

Those who are not members, but would like to join, should first become member.

Please inform us at least 24 h beforehand in the event that despite your registration, participation is not possible. 
Otherwise an invoice of 10 EUR will be sent to you to cover for administrative costs.