EBSA22 Conference program

3 April 2019

17:30 Welcome reception and opening exhibition

Day 1 - 4 April 2019

08:45 Opening
09:00 Welcome
Gabriel O'Riordain, EBSA President
09:10 Welcome by the Romanian Society of Microbiology

Geronimo Branescu, President ANSVSA, Romania

09:30 Key-note: 
Associate Professor Dr. Florica Barbuceanu
Director of Institute for Diagnosis and Animal Health, Romania
10:00 Coffee and exhibition

Session 1a Containing risks to Animal and Plant Health

Session 1b Antibiotic resistance in a Human Health setting


Uwe Müller-Doblies, Director Safety and Corporate EU Biological Safety Officer, MSD

Jaap Wagenaar, Professor Department of Infectious Diseases and Immunology, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Prof. Cornel Catoi, the Rector of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Gain of function drug-resistance M. tuberculosis. Risk Perception and control measures in the UK vs the US
Marian Blokpoel, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Containing biological risk to plant health
Ian Hackford, Imperial College London, United Kingdom


Various European and international actions to strengthen the prevention and control of AMR-related infections
Anne-Sophie Lequarre, DG Joint Research Centre, European Commission
  Lunch and exhibition

Poster Session

Product / service presentations

Managing Biological Risk; How Do We Know Whether We Are Operating Risk Mitigation Control Devices Outside of Their Validated Range?  
Mark A. Huza, AAF Flanders 

Waste treatment technologies
Mike Cook, BioSafe Engineering presentation


Introduction to HEPA Filter Field Scan Testing iIN Containment Housings
Phil chearmonte, Camfil

Decontamination of Natural Animal Bedding from High Containment Laboratories
Gary Schmidt, PRI-Bio

Chris Collins lecture
Thinking Outside the Biosafety Box: BSL-2 Laboratory Design and Outfitting Safety and Health Pointers
Felix Gmünder, Global Biosafety Consultant, Basler & Hofmann, Switzerland

15:00 Coffee

Session 2 Vector control in the environment and laboratories


Vector Control: What do we need to know?
Gert Venter, Agricultural Reseach Council, South Africa

16:00 Working with athropods in a lab setting
Eva Veronesi, Senior Scientist, University of Zurich Foundation, Zurich, Switzerland

Practical Issues on Vector-borne Pathogen Control in Laboratory and Field Settings
Marcel van Bergen, Radboud University and Medical Centre Nijmegen, The Netherlands

17:00 AGM - EBSA Annual General Assembly  
19:30 Conference dinner      

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Day 2 - 5 April 2019

08:30 Coffee

Session 3 Perception and Management of Risks


Risk perception of Infectious Diseases
Jop Groeneweg


Risk assessment in the African Swine Fever Outbreak
Paolo Calistri


Perception and management of risks in complex organizations
Dalia Seger, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

10:30 Coffee
11:00 Break out 1 Break out 2 Break out 3 Break out 4 Break out 5 Break out 6

National organisations

Suzanne Loret, BBP
Dionysis Vourtsis, HBS 

Olag Burduniuc, (MDBBA)
Domenica Zimmerman, ABSA

Implementation of new Plant Health Regulation EU 2016/2031

Delphine Beeckman
Dick Verduin


Inventory requirements of Biological materials

Nathalie Feltes
Vlad Vuta

Biosafety and biosecurity in the field in case of an emergency

Adrian Ardelean
Paolo Calistri
Uwe Müller-Doblies



Performing your own validation. Breaking the law?

Cathy Bakker
Karen van der Meulen


Raising biorisk awareness and know-how, simple steps to achieve our goals

Jenny Karlsson
Andrea Wilcks


12:30 Lunch

Session 4 Applied Biosafety and biosecurity

13:30 Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever nosocomial infections
Anna Papa, Professor of Microbiology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Is a Comparison and Prioritization of Different Biological Risks possible?
Isabel Hunger-Glaser, Swiss Expert Committee for Biosafety


Short reports on the break-out sessions and EBSA projects

EBSA projects
Toon de Kesel, EBSA

Heather Sheeley, EBSA
René Custers, EBSA  

15:00 Alexandru Rafila
15:30 Closure
Thomas Binz, EBSA President 2019-2021




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> Jan 31st 2019 468 euro 50 euro 25 euro
non-member Early bird until Jan 31st 2019 538 euro 50 euro 25 euro
> Jan 31st 2019 588 euro 50 euro 25 euro

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