EBSA#22 Bucharest survey

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Opening session - A short journey through the history of veterinary medicine in Romania, and future perspectives (Adrian Ardelean)
Session 1A - European animal health law and biological safety of animal pathogens (Uwe Müller-Doblies)
Session 1A - One Health - veterinary pathologist's role in diseases control (Cornel Catoi)
Session 1A - Containing biological risk to plant health (Ian hackford)
Session 1B - The control of antimicrobial resistance requires a One Health approach (Jaap Wagenaar)
Session 1B - Gain of function drug-resistance M. tuberculosis. Risk Perception and control measures in the UK vs the US (Marian Blokpoel)
Session 1B - Various European and international actions to strengthen the prevention and control of AMR-related infections (Anne-Sophie Lequarre)
Chris Collins lecture - Thinking Outside the Biosafety Box: BSL-2 Laboratory Design and Outfitting Safety and Health Pointers (Felix Gmünder)
Session 2 - Vector Control: What do we need to know? (Gert Venter)
Session 2 - Working with athropods in a lab setting (Eva Veronesi)
Session 2 - Practical Issues on Vector-borne Pathogen Control in Laboratory and Field Settings (Marcel van Bergen)
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Session 3 - Risk perception of Infectious Diseases (Jop Groeneweg)
Session 3 - Risk assessment in the African Swine Fever Outbreak (Paolo Calistri)
Session 3 - Perception and management of risks in complex organizations (Dalia Seger)
Break-out 1 - National organisations
Break-out 2 - Ready to implement Plant Health Regulation EU 2016/2031 by Dec 14, 2019?
Break-out 3 - Limits of biological inventories?
Break-out 4 - Biosafety and biosecurity in the field in case of an emergency
Break-out 5 - Biosafety, disinfection and biocides: mission impossible?
Break-out 6 - Raising biorisk awareness and know-how, simple steps to achieve our goals
Session 4 - Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever nosocomial infections (Anna Papa-Konidari)
Session 4 - Is a Comparison and Prioritization of Different Biological Risks possible? (Isabel Hunger-Glaser)
Session 4 - Poliovirus containment: A key objective for the Global Action Plan III (GAPIII) to minimize poliovirus facility-associated risk (Alexandru Rafila)