EBSA21 Preconference courses

The absolute essentials of biosafety
Ursula Jenal and Jorg Frank
  • Tasks
  • Who are the players in the field
  • Some exercises (donning and doffing gloves, handwashing …)
  • how do you recognize substantial hazards
  • Where to find the most important information
1 day
Risk assessment methodologies
Heather Sheeley and Toon De Kesel
Bioethics – social responsibility
Anna Deplazes and Matthias Eggel
  • Use of animals / animal welfare / justification on the use of animals
  • Gene drives and GMOs
  • Nagoya Protocol
  • Use of volunteers and donors
  • Clinical trials
  • Code of conduct
  • Confidentiality of data
1 day
Emergency preparedness in a BSL3 (scenarios)
Jane Shallcross and NN
  • Medical emergency
  • fire
  • earthquake
  • flooding
  • terrorist
  • power failure
  • loss of containment
½ day
Developing PPE donning and doffing protocols for BSL3 (practical) 
Jane Shallcross and NN
  • selection
  • order in which you take off the different PPEs
½ day
Arthropods: Invertebrates – facilities and handling
Eva Veronesi and Julian Franklin
  • Types of organisms to consider
    • Human pathogen vectors, e.g. mosquitoes, ticks
    • Quarantine plant pathogens and vectors of plant diseases (e.g. thrips as vectors for viruses)
  • Facility features
    • Use of light vs darkness
    • Color of walls & tables
    • Use of anterooms
    • Traps, e.g. UV light, air curtain
  • Practices
1 day
Biosafety for the Diagnostic lab
Dory Worcman Barninka and NN
  • Features of the context: unknown, bulk, time consideration, association with patient
  • Specimen and sample handling: receipt, aliquots
  • Risk analysis of body fluids: infectiousness, nature,
  • Standardisation/routine tests: biosafety in SOPs
  • Protective measures: vaccination, PPE, disinfection aerosol management
  • Robotics and automation
1 day
User requirement specifications (URS)
  • construction and/or selection of equipment
  • understand project, activities
  • ensure project is not over designed
1 day
Train the trainer
Vibeke Halkjaer-Knudsen and Per Staugaard
1 day
BSC – making the most of it
Felix Gmunder and Søren Thuesen
  • How a cabinet works
  • Environment around the cabinet and how it influences the cabinet
  • Working in a BSC
  • Selecting the right cabinet for the right use
1 day
Behaviour-based safety
Jan-Piet Tijssen and Cathy Bakker 
1 day
Sharing experiences on the implementation of a biorisk management programme
Juergen Mertsching and Urs Pauli
1 day
Large scale
Anneke Griffioen and Vibeke Halkjaer-Knudsen
1 day
Allergies and toxins from animals, plants and microorganisms
Martin Kuster and NN
  • where to find them
  • how to avoid them
1 day
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1/2 day courses 288 EURO 480 EURO
1 day courses 468 EURO 972 EURO
2 days courses 888 EURO 1.908 EURO