EBSA#21 Copenhagen survey

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Hotel accommodation
Venue / Meeting rooms
Welcome reception
Coffee breaks / lunches
Conference Dinner
Conference App
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Beer as fermented beverage – why is it safe to drink?
Safeguarding saynthetic biology: the iGEM biosafety and biosecurity programme
A framework for the risk assessment and management of gene drive technology in contained use
Introducing new disinfection techniques – what evidence do we need?
Chris Collins lecture - We All Have a Bucket - Applying High Reliability Principles to Biosafety
Communication Maintenance vs. Scientist
Strengthening Biosafety and Biosecurity across the United States
Strengthening the safety culture in UCPH through online interactive videos on Lab safety for new students
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Biosafety and Biosecurity Capacity Building in Uganda
Capability assessment and needs-based training to enhance Bio-risk Management in South-East Asia
Global Front Line Labs, Sustainably Designed for Local Success
Break-out sessions
- Break-out 1 Liquid waste
- Break-out 2 Sustainable labs: BSL vs. energy consumption and trends in flexible lab design
- Break-out 3 E-learning
- Break-out 4 Animal By-products (EBSA TF) + ABP categorization
- Break-out 5 Biosecurity Plan
- Break-out 6 Hand Hygiene
Weapon development, dual-use technology and bioethics
Biosecurity and durc awareness in a rapidly emerging scientific nation: Pakistan
Tools to identify biosecurity vulnerabilities, to raise awareness and improve biosecurity culture within organisations
Our micromanagers: How the gut microbiome shapes our health