EBSA#20 Madrid survey

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Biosafety Issues of Integrative Viral Gene Therapy (Dr. Guillermo Güenechea)
Parallell session 1: Biosafety in hospital settings (general)
- Clinical care of Hemorrhagic fevers in Madrid: our two years learning curve (Dr. Marta Mora-Rillo)
- High Isolation Level Unit and Biosafety at the Defence Central Hospital "Gómez Ulla" (Dr. Patricia Obregon)
- Mycobacterium chimaera infections linked to cardiac surgery - what are the risks and how to do you prevent exposure? (Jimmy Walker)
Parallell session 2: Biosafety and vector organisms (general)
- Working with arthropods at a BSL3: to be bitten or not to be bitten (Xavier Abad)
- Biosafety recommendations for One-health parasites (Dr. Muhammad Imran Rashid)
- Horizontal gene transfer of antibiotic resistance genes to native waste water flora (Dr. Claudia Bagutti)
Company prentations (general)
- ACTINI SAS presentation: BioWaste management: several technologies… just choose the most convenient for your project!
- AAF International presentation: Control and reduce risk with a new generation of membrane filtration technology
- PriBio presentation: Understanding the Math of Termal Treatment - a practical discussion
- Grupo Albian presentation: Innovative decontamination shower for laboratories BSL3 y BSL4
Chris Collins Lecture: WHO GAP III roadmap to compliance for poliovirus-essential facilities (Toon De Kesel)
Session 3 - Ethics of biosafety (general)
- Quality vs Biorisk management: and the winner is…? (Franca Rizzo)
- Assessment the efficiency of disinfectants used in decontamination activities in CLEVB (Nermin Hodhod)
- The Many Components of Strengthening National Biorisk Systems Around the Globe (Natalie DeGraaf)
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Session 4 Applied biosafety (general)
- Infection prevention in the laboratories and in hospitals (Jaap J. Maas)
- Searching suitable FFP - masks (Kathleen Anthonis)
- Developing Capacity of a National Biosafety Organization through Collaborative Engagement with a donor: Pakistan as a case study (Zeba Rasmussen)
Session 5 Break-out discussion groups (general)
- Break-out 1: Discussion - Setting up a regional organization (Delphine Beeckman & Jörge Perez)
- Break-out 2: Discussion - DURC / GOF research – self regulation vs. govt (Dr. Rik Bleijs & Katja Nyholm Olsen)
- Break-out 3: Discussion - Coping with the diversity in risk classification (Dr. Patrick Rüdelsheim & Aline Baldo)
- Break-out 4: Discussion - When health issues affect the ability to work with biological agents (Arie Voordouw & Jaap J. Maas)
- Break-out 5: Discussion - The biosafety professional – which route to competence recognition? What have other groups done and what can we learn from them? Come and discuss your future ( Heather Sheeley & Esmeralda Prat)
- Break-out 6: Toolbox - Maintenance cost of facilities and equipment (Ian Hackford & Marian Blokpoel)
- Break-out 7: Toolbox - Decontamination of prions – provision of safe surgical instruments (Miguel Calero & Dr. Jimmy Walker)
Session 6 Applied biosafety
- Technical mishaps & biosafety (Niel Godden)
- CVRL Backweston: A Re-Established Laboratory Envelope (Gordon Handziuk)
- An improved approach for the classification of micro-organisms into risk groups: example of HP avian influenza A H5N1 viruses (Aline Baldo)
Closing session (general)
- Investigating Laboratory incidents (Ir. Margot Spreuwenberg)