Conference speakers information page

CPWG information

As invited speaker you will receive following:

  • free admission to the conference
  • free admission to the conference dinner
  • Reimbursement of your travel expenses (flight / train / public transport / taxi) up to 400 €.
  • 2 nighs accomodation in one of the conference hotels

Reimbursement is only possible

  • using the EBSA reimbursement form you will receive after the conference
  • reimbursement forms need to be returned within 2 months after the conference (by electronic post to


As speaker with an "offered" prestation you will receive following:

  • Free ticket to attend the conference
  • Free ticket to attend the conference dinner (on Thursday evening)

As moderator/reporter or toolbox presenter you will receive following:

  • Free ticket to attend the conference
  • Free ticket to attend the conference dinner (on Thursday evening)
Personal information
Telephone number on which you can be reached in relation to this conference and during the conference.
Your presentation
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The conference
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Speaker guidelines

So as to help ensure that all our speakers are given the best opportunity to get their message across, and to ensure that all members of the audience gain maximum benefit from the conference, please note the following important points.

  1. Please ensure that your actual course and the material presented matches the course description provided originally and that has been used for the announcement of the course.
  2. Please plan your talk carefully so that you stick to the time allocated. Chairs are under instruction to ensure that the agenda timings are adhered to strictly.
  3. Your audience is multi-national and the majority will likely have English as a second language. You can help them by:
    1. Not rushing
    2. Speaking clearly
    3. Minimizing jargon and unnecessarily complicated English
    4. Emphasizing key points through clear text within your slides
  4. If English is not your first language then any concerns you may have about communicating your presentation must be discussed with the EBSA Conference Programme Working Group either via direct contact or via the EBSA office.
  5. Do not ‘over-populate’ slides with too much text or photos. Slides are ineffective if they cannot be read clearly.
  6. Make sure that you have obtained permission to use any references/pictures/publications in the slides. Note that many of the images on the internet are copyright protected and permission must be sought before using these.
  7. You are advised to allow adequate time for questions at the end. 5 minutes is usually right for such purposes.
  8. It is essential that your talk retains a relevance to all European nations. If you are discussing something that has happened in your country then ensure that the relevance of this to the wider European community is retained.
  9. Presenters must not utilize this opportunity to promote or denigrate any particular product or company. The EBSA audience is acutely aware of this and ‘sales pitches’ are viewed with poor regard.
  10. Presenters are reminded that they must ensure that none of their material could cause offence to any nation, or individual, whether deliberate or accidental.