Call for participants to the pilot test of the Passport



CWA 16335 Biosafety professional competence is an international document that guides the core and specialist areas of competence for a biosafety professional. EBSA uses this document as the guide for the selection of topics for preconference courses to ensure that, in time, the biosafety professional can achieve all areas of competence.

“The Passport” is a tool, under development by the EBSA-ETWG group, to record the development activities of the biosafety professional towards achieving competence in all core areas and highlight areas where further development would be recommended.  The “Competency Passport” is a tool for the professional to record the knowledge gained, how it has been applied and the experience the professional has.

The Passport sub-working group is looking for about 50 volunteers interested in participating in a pilot test that would allow further refinement of this tool. We are looking for volunteers ranging from people with only a few years of experience in the area of biosafety to seasoned professionals with long years of experience, those working for small programs as well as those working for large, complex programs so that the entire spectrum can be tested.

Those participating in the pilot test will be asked to complete their information on knowledge gained, how it has been applied and the experience on some competence areas. This will be accompanied by a questionnaire to understand the experience completing the information and whether there are missing aspects or unclear instructions.

Requirements: access to Microsoft excel, and internet. There will be no paper versions. All data collected will be used only for the evaluation of the tool and content will not be linked to the individual. You must be able to complete this during January 2019.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.