Become a member

EBSA strives to secure the following benefits for its members:

  • Official representation on national and international committees to lobby for the interests of EBSA members.
  • Official consultation on emerging legislation and standards to influence the outcome of such regulations and to ensure that emerging standards are not only scientifically supportable but also represent best practices.
  • Develop and provide supporting training materials and activities to ensure EBSA members are aware and informed of new issues and areas of research, to support the principle of continuous professional development for its members.

Members get:

  • Reduced fees to the annual conference
  • Reduced prices for our annual pre-conference coursesMembership of a professional network
  • Access to over more than 400 professional contacts
  • Interact with your peers in working groups
  • Voting rights in the Association
  • Exclusive access to content on our members-only pages
  • Exclusive access to the videos of the previous conference
  • Consultation on the development of biosafety legislation and guidelines
  • Involvement in the development of standards relevant to biosafety
  • Support for regional biosafety organizations
  • Visibility as a professional within Europe and beyond

Corporate members also get:

  • One corporate delegate and 3 corporate contacts (or 4 members)
  • Discount on conference sponsoring
  • Mention on our special corporate member page
  • One free ticket to attend the conference

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