EBSA19 Conference programme

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

17:30 - 19:00 Registration, welcome reception and exhibition


Thursday, 21 April 2016

08:00 Registration
08:45 Opening
Uwe Müller-Doblies, EBSA President 2016
09:00 Welcome
Professor Benoît VALLET, General Director of Health at the French Ministry of Social Affairs end Health, member of the National Council on Biosecurity
09:15 Louis Pasteur and the microbiological risk
Keynote - Patrick Berche, Pasteur Institute
09:45 Book presentation
René Courcol, Institut de Microbiologie, Lille
10:00 Coffee break + exhibition

Parallel session 1 Biosafety aspects of gene therapy

Parallel session 2 Working with plants or animals

10:30 Replication-competent viruses in cancer gene therapy: biosafety considerations
Rob C. Hoeben, Dept. of Molecular Cell Biology, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden , Netherlands
EPPO and ensuring plant health in a world without borders
Françoise Petter, EPPO, Paris, France
11:00 Environmental Risk Assessment of Replication Competent Viral Vectors Applied in Gene Therapy
Danielle Horst
Taking stock of the environmental risk assessment of GM plants
Patrick Rüdelsheim, Perseus, Belgium
11:30 Environmental risk assessment for gene and cell therapy products: critical issues for CT and MA applications
Ursula Jenal

Keeping them in or out? Control of aerosols in loose housed versus caged laboratory research animals for HPAI studies
Henriette Schubert

12:00 Lunch + exhibition
13:00 Risk reduction and best energy savings by membrane air filtration technology for biosafety environments
Biowaste management: several technologies ... just choose the most convenient for your project!

Actini SAS

Selection criteria for Effluent          Poster presentation
Decontamination Systems
PRI Bio              

Waste systems for containment laboratories

BioSAFE Engineering

Biological Safety Cabinets: Simulation and Quantifying of Airflow Perturbation Caused by Personnel Activities presentation    

Berner International GmbH                    

Sponsor presentation                           Poster presentation
14:00 Chris Collins Lecture
WHO biosafety manual revision - concept and consequences
Dr. Kazunobu Kojima, World Heath Organization (WHO)
15:00 Coffee break + exhibition

Session 3 Applied biosafety

15:30 How REACH impacts biosafety practices, Heather Sheeley (UK)
16:00 Validation of high containment facilities to prove biosafety, Evelien Kampert (RIVM, NL)
16:30 Alternatives to heat inactivation – challenges in demonstrating effectivity, Claudia Bagutti
17:00 Annual General Meeting of EBSA
19:30 Conference Dinner


Friday, 22 April 2016

08:30 Coffee
09:00 Joint training for health threats caused by accidental or intentional release of biological agents, Cornelius Bartels (ECDC, SE)

Session 4 Applied biosafety

09:30 Validation of a novel contained aerosol transmission system
Simon Parks
10:00 European Research Infrastructure on Highly-pathogenic Agents  (ERINHA)
Hervé Raoul
10:30 Coffee break + exhibition

Session 5 Break-out discussion groups

  Break-out 1: DIY Bio (discussion)
  1. Niek D'Hondt (ReaGent)
  2. Jonathan Ferooz (DIYBIO)
  Break-out 2: Biosecurity - Personnel screening (discussion)
  1. Guy Collyer
  2. TBC
  Break-out 3: Availability of disinfectants for biosafe practices (Discussion)
  1. Allen Bennett
  2. TBC
  Break-out 4: Risk assessment of cell lines (Tool box)
  1. Otto-Wilhelm Merten (Généthon, France)
  2. Glynn Stacey (UK Stem Cell Bank, UK)
  Break-out 5: Country support strategies for providing joint training for health threats caused by release of biological agents
  1. Cornelius Bartels (ECDC, SE)
  2. Amanda Ozin-Hofsaess (ECDC, SE)
12:30 Lunch + exhibition

Session 6 Debate session Same problem, new name?

13:30 Introduction: Setting the stage
Patrick Rüdelsheim (moderator)
13:40 New breeding techniques, Ana Atanassova (Bayer, BE)
14:00 Converting recombinant viruses into genome editing devices
Manuel A.F.V. Gonçalves, Dept. of Molecular Cell Biology, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden , Netherlands
14:20 'Risk assessment concerning Synthetic Biology' performed by the European Commission Scientific Committees Prof. Michelle Epstein, Member of EU Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENHIR)
14:40 Dialogue "Setting the stage"

Closing session

15:30 Is Zika virus infection a risk for Europe?  What we know or don’t know.
Herve Zeller, ECDC, Head of Disease Programme Emerging and Vector-borne Diseases
16:00 Closing - Gijsbert van Willigen, EBSA President 2016


Exhibitors and sponsors (exhibition from 19 April - 22 April)