CWA Strategy Task Group

Different CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) processes have resulted in 3 CWA's which are cornerstones for the Biosafety Community:

The aim of the CWA Strategy TG is to bring to the table all the players that were involved in the process of developing the CWA documents and in the future processes of follow up - to define the road ahead for the CWA documents. CWA Strategy TG is responsible to develop and present to EBSA Council a proposal for a strategy for the future developments with regard to all 3 biosafety and biosecurity related CWA's. CWA Strategy TG will take initiatives, with Council approval, to explore and investigate all potential possibilities to safeguard the purpose and the content of the CWA's.

Check out the Terms of Reference.

Task group members


Picture of Toon Toon DE KESEL

Chair of CWA TG

Imkerstraat 8
9880 Aalter

Helmut Bachmayer

Member of CWA TG

Dana Sinziana Brehar-Cioflec

Picture of Dana Sinziana Dana Sinziana Brehar-Cioflec

Member of CWA TG

National Inst. of Public Health Regional Centre Timisoara
Bd. Victor Babes 16
300226 Timisoara Timis

Gary Burns

Member of CWA TG

Anton de Paiva

Member of CWA TG

Imperial College London
South Kensington Campus
London SW7 2AY
United Kingdom

Ursula Jenal

Member of CWA TG

Jenal & Partners Biosafety Consulting
Magdenerstr. 1
4310 Rheinfelden

Ingegerd Kallings

Member of CWA TG

Senior Biosafety Consultant
Alevagen 4
18267 Djursholm

Martin Kuster

Member of CWA TG

Novartis International AG
Lichtstr. 35
4002 Basel

Esmeralda Prat

Member of CWA TG

Bayer CropScience (B)
Technologiepark 38
9052 Gent